iSecure MC43TS HD Mirror Dash Cam

iSecure MC43TS HD Mirror Dash Cam

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iSecure MC43TS is a Mobile Camera with 4.3 inches screen capable of Front 140 degree view angle, support Micro SD card up to 32GB, G-sensor & Motion detect, Self-contained digital video cameras built for continuously capture view of the road during operation of the vehicle providing maximum security while driving.


Chipset: Generaplus2248
Image Sensor: H61
Lens: Front140
Screen: 4.3inch LDC Touch screen
Video Resolution: Front1080p/720p, Rear VGA
Video Format: AVI
TF Card: Max32GB MicroSD
WiFi: N/A
Loop Recording: YES
G-Sensor: YES
Motion Detection: YES
Parking Monitor: YES
Video audio: YES
Frequency of light source: YES
Date label: YES
Exposure compensation: YES
Gravity induction/G-sencer: YES
Motion Detection: YES
Camera: YES
Photo quality: YES
Exposure compensation: YES
White balance: YES
Color: YES
Date/time: YES
Time off screen: YES
Power down off: YES
Modulation: YES
Format: YES
Reset: YES
Language: chinese/traditional Chinese/english/ deutsch/Japanese…
Firmware version: YES
Sound on: YES
Video playback: YES
Video protection: YES
Video off: YES
Set up: YES
App: N/A



* 1080P Resolution

* 4.3 Inch IPS Screen

* Anti-Glare Blue Screen

* Photo Format: JPG

* Video Format: AVI

* 140 Degree View Angle

* Support Micro SD Card up to 32GB

* G-sensor, Motion Detect

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