Avermedia AM133 External Microphone

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External microphone AM133

The AM133 is a lightweight and stylish single-directional microphone designed specifically for live hosts, YouTuber and outdoor film creators, with its approachable use and clear sound-receiving capabilities, and is the perfect partner for creating high-quality videos and videos.

The shape is lightweight and easy to use

The AM133 has strong compatibility. The 3.5mm connector interface makes it easy to navigate whether it's a camera, smartphone or even a personal computer. Don't worry about system compatibility when using your smartphone, whether it's Android, iOS or Windows.

The camera's tone is out of place

Still fretting about the camera's poor sound? Don't worry, using AM133 will be your perfect solution! With the hot shoe seat easily secured and connected to the microphone, your one-eye camera or DV camera can record every rich sound detail from this point on.

Mobile Action Live Perfect Partner

The AM133 is lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect partner for live mobile phone broadcasts. With a selfie stick mount with a hot shoe seat, go wherever you want to play, and don't worry about receiving your voice.

PC/Mac dual system compatibility easy to navigate

The AM133 package comes with a metal stand for indoor use. Live or video conferences as soon as a pen is connected

The wire is complete and easy to use

The AM133 package includes a 4-to-3 3.5mm cable that lets you easily listen to audio playback with headphones, eliminating the need to double-plug in the microphone for added convenience.

Stylish collection with you

The AM133 package comes with an accompanying collection bag, allowing you to carry convenient and elegant collection when you create outdoors, and you're no longer in a hurry.

Product specifications

  • Technical information

    Microphone: Single pointing
    capacitor Microphone
    Directional: Heart-to-point

    Output interface: 3.5 mm Zero sensitivity: -37 dB ±3 dB at 1 kHz, Frequency response
    20Hz to 16kHz Maximum sound pressure: 110 dB
    with base
    size (W x D x H): 70 x 83.3 x 132.25 mm with base weight: 80 g

    System requirements

    Connected via the 3.5mm source interface, it is compatible with your smartphone, camera or computer.
    :: Versions above the iPhone 7 require a Lightning turn 3.5mm connector. Some Android phones require an additional USB-C turn 3.5mm adapter

    The contents of the package

    External receiving
    microphone AM133

    Bracket Metal stand windscreen 3.5 mm
    audio cable (three-stage to three-stage)
    3.5 mm audio line (four-stage to three-stage) quick installation manual

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